Hello!  My name is Nathan Ballash and I love being creative.  I use my creativity to lead, to problem solve, to have fun, and to grow. I have always had a strong desire to teach and to share. One of the best feelings you can have is helping someone else succeed. Having creativity and learning how to be creative isn’t just for painters and poets.




My wife Coletta and I live in a small town that is about a 45 minute drive to Pittsburgh, PA. We met in high school and we married in 2009. We lived in downtown Pittsburgh for a few years after our wedding and moved back to the rural area where we grew up. We are proud parents of two adorable pups, Myles (a black toy poodle) and Mylee (a Shichon).



I am a Christian and with a passion to spread the teachings of Jesus and not religion. I serve as the Production and Facilities Director at Revelry Church where I enjoy using my creativity with projects like set changes. People often call me a mad genius for my ability to make something really cool out of practically nothing. A modern day MacGyver, if you will.



While photography the concentration of what my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree was at Point Park University, I have so many outlets for creativity! Watercolor, mixed media, journaling, art journaling, carpentry, you name it! What is even more exciting is when I can combine as many of these as possible!



I unapologetically like Apple products. I’m not a 100% fan boy…….well maybe I am. I’m always fascinated by new gadgets, especially photo, audio, and lighting gear. I’ve always has a penchant for the mechanical and creative - once I asked for an overhead projector for my 14th birthday.



I like tattoos. A lot. And I have tattoos. A lot. In fact, almost every part of me is tattooed except my legs (so far). I like to make the world a bit brighter and more little more colorful! My wife and I once took a road trip to LA to get inked at Kat VonD’s studio - and we got matching LA tattoos.



As of today, I have visited 20 countries across 3 continents. This is due largely to studying abroad in Rome, Italy for about 6 months. Then traveling in Africa for a month a few years later on a mission trip. Investing in experiences, especially traveling abroad is absolutely priceless!



Drink: Iced Americano

Movie: Back to the Future

Holiday: Christmas - I tell my wife every October how I can’t wait to “decorNATE” the house.

Vacation Spot: Disney. I’m a Disney freak (Coletta, too!)

art by Nathan Ballash Creative

Here you will find creative inspiration, positive and encouraging messages, and a glimpse into my own creative processes.  It is my intention to not only share lessons learned through my personal experiences, but also from my businesses.